WELCOME- This the only dating platform in South Africa and abroad. This site specializes in connecting those who need real dating.They must be smart and be able to read and write english.

Young school going guys are the most welcome. The ladies we have here are ready to pay school fees. Schools are ready. If you are chosen, make sure you clearly state your location. The sugar mummies will need to know the directions. Follow instructions on every post.

The are a variety of gadgets and activities on offer. It all depends on the type of sugar mama that will be looking for a guy. Some are real Christians, Muslims or Hindus. This means if you do anything against their faith , you will be disqualified. Drinking beer depends on the one who is choosing.

Dating a sugar mummy who has cash is different fro dating a broke lady. Sugar mummies are very Jealousy. You must be ready to follow instructions and work under pressure. There will be strict supervision. Bedroom work is the most valuable aspect. You have to master every tactic which need to be used. The knowledge of various styles and position will be an added advantage. Power usage is not advisable. One is supposed to be soft and romantic.

Getting a sugar mummy or a rich lady in this platform is very easy. You just have to follow simple steps. There are links provided for whats app and group chats. Some needs you to fill in questionnaires. Good luck

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