DIVINITY GCE Advanced Level SUBJECT 9154 (Available in the Novemberexamination only) INTRODUCTION The syllabus consists of three papers (9154/1/2/3) and these will be set as below: Candidates will offer two papers, the compulsory paper 1 (9154/1) and either paper 2 (9154/2) or paper 3 (9154/3).

It is an added advantage if candidates would have studied Religious Studies at GCE Ordinary Level. AIMS The syllabus gives the students the opportunity to:

1.develop knowledge and understanding of some key religious teachings and issues in the Old Testament and New Testament;

2.develop skills in interpreting and comparing views expressed in recent academic study in the chosen areas;

3.attempt an informed response to religious and moral issues arising out of their study;

4.demonstrate application of major lessons or issues learnt to the Zimbabwean context.

ASSESSMENT OBJECTIVES-The examination will assess candidates’ ability to:

1.demonstrate knoledge and understanding of some key religious issues and teachings in the Old Testament and their chosen area of the New Testament;

2.analyse, interpret, organise and present information, ideas, descriptions, arguments clearly and logically;

3.evaluate issues that arise from a consideration of academic study in their chosen area;

4.apply what they have learnt to the Zimbabwean context.


Three papers will be set. Candidates are required to answer fourquestions from each paper. Each paper is of 3 hours duration. Candidates at GCE „A‟ Level must enter for the compulsory paper 9154/1 and either9154/2 or9154/3. No texts may be used during the examination.

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