CAPETOWN- My name is Simelokuhle. I live in Capetown . Cape town is a beautiful place. I am a single mother. A divorcee aged 40. Being a single mother has taught me to work very hard for my kids.

A second wife was not bad. I just do not feel comfortable being in a polygamous marriage.


I am a professional accountant with FNB.My finances are accurate. I have got a lot of businesses. My parents also gave me a share in their business.

They have got 17 trucks. My children are still studying. I have many workers. drivers and assistants.


Any Ben ten who wants to date me must know that. The guy must be smart and intelligent. A Respectable appearance tells it all.

If you have a driver’s licence, it will be an added advantage. I am ready to pay your fees. The new land cruiser is ready. . You will register it in your name.

Many items are on offer. I like you even if you drink beer. I just like someone who drink responsibly. Drinking is not bad. I sometimes drink red wine with less alcohol.

Cash! You will support your parents. I am also building a house. House! This will be done to make sure that you are serious.

I have placed my private number on this platform. It is only available to you. Check the links. Click every link and view it. If you dont find it. refresh the page. all. Good luck

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