Port Elizabeth Single Lady- Fikile 36 Need a man who will make her Happy and Plan Life Easy

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Hi there, my name is Fikile. I am a Port Elizabeth Single Lady aged thirty six years old. Port Elizabeth, South Africa is where I live. However l am a financial manager at a certain bank. Also l own few restaurants around here too and it’s generating more income.

Therefore my life is fully blessed and l am also grateful. Furthermore, l want to spend my money with the right person. Moreover l have tried many dating sites but never get one. However l believe this is the right site which will help me get a perfect man.

What do Port Elizabeth Single Lady Is Looking for?

Apart from the above, l am looking for someone who can make laugh. A young man aged twenty six to thirty years old. To be honest it doesn’t matter if we have a lot in common or not. I love meeting people who are different from me. The world would be boring if we all are the same.

However I someone who have something new and can teach me new things either. A handsome young man that can give me his time, love and affection.

What do I promise In case we are dating

As a Port Elizabeth Single Lady I promise to love and take good care of you. You are assured to peace all the days of your life. Furthermore, I will never raise my voice when talking to you.

In addition, I promise to stand by your side. Respect you as my man despite your age. However I promise to love and spoil you with money and joy.

How to Get In touch with Port Elizabeth Single Lady

Meeting Port Elizabeth Single Lady is now easy, you can get in touch with me on my Whatsapp number. I will send you my house address after we talk on Whatsapp. Any location us okay with me, plans will be made. Please follow rules.

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